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AI-powered tools for generating and enhancing written content.

AI tools for creating and manipulating images, videos, logos, and art.

AI tools for creating compelling content and managing social media platforms.

AI tools for email marketing, customer relationship management, and automation.

AI techniques for analyzing and processing human language.

AI tools for analyzing and extracting insights from data.

AI tools for speech recognition, audio analysis, and processing.

AI solutions for the financial industry, including fraud detection and algorithmic trading.

AI applications in transportation and logistics, including route optimization and supply chain management.

List Of Popular AI Tools- HandyTools By Stitpragya Technologies

SE Ranking

It may be difficult to navigate the complexities of search optimisation with an entire team of marketers, SEO experts, copywriters, analysts, email, PPC, and outreach managers. We've got you covered: by utilising the SE Ranking platform, you'll be able to

SEO >> Keyword Research is a cutting-edge writing assistance tool that employs advanced artificial intelligence technology to assist you in writing better, faster, and more efficiently. takes your writing to the next level with features like automat

Copywriting >> AI Copywriting

Vision AI by Google

Vision AI, also known as Visual AI, is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to analyse and comprehend visual data such as images and videos. It entails interpreting visual data and extracting meaningful insights from it using machine learnin

Image & Video >> Image Recognition


Hootsuite also includes OwlyWriter AI, the best in-app AI writing tool that claims to save you time and cure writer's block.

Social Media >> Social Media Content Creation


Campaigner is an artificial intelligence-enhanced email marketing platform that focuses on automation, advanced testing, and dynamic content personalization.

Email, CRM & Automation >> Email Marketing Automation


Lusha was founded in 2016 with the intention of establishing the world's largest crowdsourced data community for B2B sellers.

Business >> Data Analysis and Insights


MonkeyLearn is a powerful machine learning tool for automatically analyzing text, extracting actionable insights, and tailoring models for higher accuracy.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) >> NLP Text Analysis


Polymer’s AI analyzes your data to suggest rich insights and build beautiful dashboards for you automatically.

Data Analytics >> Data Visualization

Vue Ai's product recommendation engine combines product data, shopper profiles, and each business's unique context to generate personalised recommendations that boost retail growth.

Recommendation Systems >> Personalized Recommendations


Automatically summarize audio data with Deepgram's innovative feature. Enhance efficiency and insights from conversations.

Speech and Audio Processing >> Speech Recognition